Sunday, June 29, 2014


|Thinking About|
More like, what aren't I thinking about? Ha!
I've been really meditating on what a huge blessing it is to be his mama. When everything else feels scary, uncomfortable, unknown, or chaotic...I can cling to this blessing. 

I need a suggestion! Something fantasy fiction please. I don't have the attention span for anything heavy right now. 

|Listening To|
Nothing glamorous. I'm currently listening to our big, fat, polar bear of a dog snore at the foot our bed, pausing intermittently with a fart. It's lovely. We just ordered a wide baby gate on amazon that will be here this week, and he will be promptly relocated to the laundry room for his bedtime. 
I'm in the market. We just finished the most recent season of Sherlock. I've been wanting to watch Call The Midwife, has anyone seen it? 

I've also been watching my little garden continue to flourish. It's been a lot of fun this year having Ben help me water the plants, pick berries off the vines, snap open the peas, and munch carrots straight from the earth. This is what I've been waiting for. 
|Thankful For|
I've been really struggling to adjust to the change of our new home. With that being said, I would never want to be not thankful for the huge blessings that have been bestowed upon us. I am SO thankful for my husband's job, our beautiful home where we will raise our family, our health, our family, and all that we have. I often get overwhelmed with guilt at the huge disparity between humans in the world, feeling selfish and horrible that I get to luxuriously fill up a bathtub with water, when women on the other side of the world are walking miles and miles to find clean water to simply drink. I know that 'hard' is all about perspective. Time will acclimate me to our new 'home' and that dull ache and missing our old 'home' will fade. 
I'm also so thankful for my baby daddy. ALL Ben wants to talk about these days is his daddy. He loves his dad so much and I'm so grateful for that relationship. I can't wait to see the special bond between the two of them grow over time. 
I could get motivated and unpack some more boxes. I have a former student coming out this week for a couple of hours to play with Ben so hopefully I can get a few things accomplished! I mostly want our clothes to not be in boxes all over our bedroom. 

Wishing/hoping the applicant we chose to be our renter at our old place works out. What an exhausting process, but we can now add 'landlord' to our repertoire. 

Hmmm, and wishing I could take the money we made at our garage sale last weekend and spend it on something fun! But no, it will cover the costs of getting our house ready to rent (paint, carpet, cleaning), and paying back my parents for their help with some of our early move-in costs to the new house. 

That's mostly it for us this week.
I think.
My brain feels like mush these days. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

A Mama Collective


  1. Call the Midwife is pretty good. I binged watched about 5 episodes but haven't watched it in a while. Good luck unpacking and getting settled in! We moved into a house last year and it took a little while to get settled.

  2. Your little guys smile is contagious. What a sweetie!

  3. Oh, that Bath?!!! um divine. New beginnings no matter what they are- are always hard, arn't they?! Your dog. hilarious. I laughed out loud, they have the life. Oh my and your little one is the cutest! Great pics! Thanks for linking up this week!

  4. I want to watch Call the Midwife soon, but I wanted to read the book first. I have it if you're interested after I finish it!

  5. I've wanted to watch Call the Midwife also, but wanted to wait until I was a bit further removed from this last birth. ;)

  6. Binge-watching is a perfect way to describe my style! :)

  7. Thanks, Linda! It is impossible not to smile when he's laughing. It's true. :)

  8. I want to feel convicted to make a difference, but I just don't know how. Being aware of it is a good first step...I think.

  9. Yes, this bathtub is heaven-sent! Haha! We've been living in a trailer with a tiny stand-up shower for 8 this is like...I can't even describe it! :)

  10. Wha!? Okay clearly I'm out of the loop. I didn't even know there was a book!

  11. I loved your pre-lude to Nova's birth story. I can't wait to read the rest!!! :)

  12. I love these Currently posts. I need to link up one of these! Houses are expensive. We had an air conditioner and a toilet break all within 24 hours. Our new air conditioner is going to be so friggin expensive, but necessary. Ugh!

  13. I am so so jealous of that tub!

  14. Looove that tub. Penny has been talking about her Daddy a lot lately too, but probably because he's off again on another trip! And yes, watch Call the Midwife!

  15. Call the Midwife is one of the best shows ever! The kind of show that I couldn't stop watching, finished way too quickly. That tub is amazing, I wouldn't mind taking a candlelit bath there every night! And that's so sweet about your son always talking about your hubby, I love watching that relationship grow between son and father.

  16. I really need to join this link up one of these weeks - I always enjoy these posts (kinda like the DITL)! You've got so much going on you're handling it so wonderfully! That bathtub looks so heavenly and relaxing and I'm not even a bath person :)


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