Friday, January 10, 2014

This, That, and 4 Things

These sweet moments that I got to share with my boy this week. He's kind of a 'tween' in the fact that he isn't a full-on toddler, and he isn't still a little baby. I just love him so much.
And he's definitely mastering the selfie.
We took a trip to the world's most dangerous store and only left with a *few* things not on our list.
And Ben has become quite the wobbly walker, and he is so excited for himself!
This post by Sarah Mae. It made me laugh, but also reassured my soul a little bit. Mothers, we will survive! 
"Friend, you are in a long line of mothers; you stand in solidarity with those who have gone before you, who are all around you, and who will come after you. You are a beautiful legacy. Don't you give up. What you do changes lives and impacts the world. You are mother. ROAR. Or, you know, snore. Because for real, you need your sleep."

This honey, whole-wheat bread recipe created by my lovely and talented friend Lena over at Root and Blossom. I usually make my artisan loaf, but thought I would try something different to go with a bean chili I made earlier this week. My favorite part of making bread is how absolutely delighted it makes my husband when he comes home. There isn't anything that smells better than bread in the oven. 
Thank you so much for all of your support with my new Birth Diaries series on the blog here. I feel it is serving so many needs and I'm grateful to you all for leaving kind comments of support for the women who are bravely sharing their hearts and soul. 

I have to share these graphic photos (don't look if you're squeamish!) with you because I think it really showcases what giving birth is like for mothers who had a cesarean (it's surreal for me to look at these and know that I looked similar to this). It isn't an "easy way out". (I know, I know...a loaf of bread and then a uterus). These photos were taken by Patti Ramos (click here to follow her facebook photography page). She is an absolutely amazing woman who leads my caesarean support group. She has been serving and working with women as a doula, childbirth educator, and birth photographer for many, many years. I would also greatly appreciate if you clicked this link and considered donating money to the Ramos Center that is on the verge of closing. Without Patti, the group, and the center, I would still be wallowing in a heap of misery over Ben's birth. I know that people are sick of donating and giving (wait, what? how could you ever get sick of giving?)...but if you think about forgoing one morning latte at Starbucks and giving even $5 toward an incredible cause, it's totally worth it. Patti often offers her services to people free or low-cost, and takes the hit personally in order to continue giving to others.

 I feel called to share her words, they bring tears to my eyes every time I read them.
"For all of you strong, beautiful, amazing Mothers who selflessly gave birth on an operating table ... recovering for only two nights in a noisy, uncomfortable hospital room after undergoing MAJOR abdominal surgery, then discharged and sent home to take care of your newborn 24/7 while your body was going through a long, painful healing process along with the emotional challenges post-op and adaptation to parenthood ... I stand in sacred respect and deeply honor you. And to the many partners who stood beside your beloved during her cesarean - I know it took great courage and strength to take that first step into the operating room, where you were surrounded by very bright lights, masked and uniformed strangers, beeping machines, surgical instruments, bloody gauze pads, unfamiliar noises and her body strapped to the operating table as she was feeling nauseated, scared and with tears in her eyes - I want to acknowledge you too. Your presence alone was one of the greatest gifts you could give her." - Patti Ramos

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  1. Target is the world's most dangerous store! Amen to that!

    Kelly @ Our Cone Zone

  2. Bahahahaha yeah Target is soooo dangerous. Yesterday my husband and I went there together and left with one thing off our list since I was going off memory and a bunch of other stuff. Pre giving birth those pictures of a cesarian would have make me queasy, wow I had no idea what it looked like and I am amazed!

  3. Gah. I knew they take the uterus out but the photos never help!

  4. Your little guy is too cute! Go you for not buying the whole store, I can't go in there without spending my life savings ha ha!

  5. Ahh, Target. I NEVER leave without an addition to my list! LOL. And that pick of your little man holding on to your finger.... So sweet!

  6. Whoops! Target has a way of doing that to ya.


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