Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid-Week Ramblings

Hi. It's me. I feel like I've done a horrible job of connecting with people lately, and I hate that. So, here's life lately.

**We are in the process of searching for a home, and even put in an offer on one we love! But I'm not ready to emotionally move myself in yet or even get too excited because I'm almost certain our offer will be countered out of our range. Who am I kidding? I've got the walls painted and the furniture arranged.

**My husband has been working a lot this week, so Benji boy and I have been hanging with grandma, which (other than stinky blue guy) is his absolute favorite thing in the whole world. He really loves his grandma. We've been going to the neighbor's house and swinging, walking, playing, reading, swimming, and all around having fun together. I adore this age with Ben's new mobility and his excitement for doing things (and it's easier to go out now and not bring 452 items or a diaper bag!) Amen? One more thing to love about the toddler stage. Maybe it's because I'm not a "baby mom", and maybe that's because our first few months together kind of sucked, or maybe it's because I work with kids at school and love the older ages, or maybe it's because it's awesome watching your drooling blob turn into a real human with a personality...but I really do love this stage. I say, bring on the toddler years!

**Welp. Just signed my husband and I up for a 4 mile race (but, let's not get too hasty...we get to run to three different breweries and have beer at each that's some good motivation). We started jogging together. It sucks. I hate it. But it's getting easier, I think (or maybe I'm just supposed to say that?) We're also training for another big climb this spring. Anyway, I've lost nearly 50 some pounds since I was two weeks PP with a newborn, so go me! (I'm working on a lengthy love your body/transformation post, but that's for another day). But I have a bit more to go, and a bit higher of a fitness level to achieve. Gotta lift those weights and run that booty! Do you ever look back at old photos of yourself and wonder why you were ever discontent with your body back then? Yeah, me too.

**I've been guest teaching a bit, and lately I have really been missing my work in the classroom. Because kids are hilarious. And colleagues are nice. And using my brain for something more invigorating that making animal noises is always a win. But I choose Ben. I love him more than I loved my career. Hands down. Because he makes funny faces, like this one.
**Friends are having babies, getting pregnant, and there are bumpdates galore in blogosphere. I guess that's the age in life we're at right now. But hello aching uterus! I'm telling it to simmer down...only a few more months until we're giving ourselves the green light. TMI? Never! :-)

**After my travel post last week, I'm getting more serious about planning the top secret, super sneaky surprise trip for my husband and I this spring. Stay tuned. It's exciting!

Hope everyone makes it through Wednesday unscathed! Also, I'm guest posting today over at RHOCC about tipping the balance between marriage and baby. Head over and check it out if you get a chance!
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  1. Kelli K (Pretty Prairie)January 15, 2014 at 7:32 AM

    I know I should be indulging in this baby time (and I am) where she loves to cuddle on my chest and is yet to be on the move, but I'm secretly waiting for the toddler years (although maybe when we get there I will be not so excited). I cant wait for those days where we play, teach, and she asks a billion why's. But I will enjoy the this time for now.
    Also, yay for your jogging journey and your amazing transformation postpartum - I'm currently really struggling with my current body and need to get my but moving. It's funny you mention that about your younger self, just the other day I was looking at photos from 5 years ago and said to my husband "to think I wasn't happy then either, I would do anything to look like that girl again". I know I need to love myself no matter what but it's hard when I know I'm not currently the best version of myself -- I'm looking forward to your post when your finally done it.

  2. I'm right there with you on the not connecting with people lately!! This being back at work business is really cramping my style!! haha...
    How exciting about putting in an offer - hoping for good news for you guys! Fingers crossed! And way to go with the jogging...I hate it too but at the same time kinda want to start doing it again (it's been forever!) Good luck with the race.

    Also, you look really pretty in the photo with Ben. And Ben's face is priceless! :)
    (PS - aching uterus...mmmhmmm!! I hear ya!) ;)

  3. Yep, I've got friends with babies younger than mine who are already pregnant (or trying) again, and I'm like "What?! Already?!" But that's how the baby bug works. It bites you suddenly just when you least expect it. Please don't bite me yet, baby bug. Give me another six months.

  4. Good luck with your offer! Buying a house is super stressful, I did a lot of pre-decorating on a couple of houses and was crushed. However our house was worth the wait to find! I want M to slow down growing up but it getting so much more fun. I am excited to embrace the toddler years and put to work my Montessori training with him.

  5. Thanks Illeana! I know whatever home we live in will become our I'm trying to stay open-minded. :-) Your little guy is getting big fast! He is looking so toddlerish already in a lot of your IG photos! Probably because he's so handsome!

  6. Hahaha! I guess good baby bug repellent would be to remember all those really difficult, trying days full of tears, right? :)

  7. How is the back to work transition going for you guys? I totally brought a checklist with me to the houses we've looked at and I thought of you! :)

    And thank you!! You're so sweet...Ben's face is HILARIOUS in that photo!!

  8. Oh gosh Kelli I know it! I try and remember that we are living in these bodies for the rest of our lives, and it would do us all some good to love them. I think if I talked to other women the way I talk to myself I would be horrified at the things coming out of my mouth. So every time I look at myself and think "ugh, I wish my butt hadn't gotten so big," I think about how hurtful and rude that would be if I said that to a friend! We have to be nice to ourselves. :)

  9. I'm getting some crazy baby fever here. People need to stop having babies! ;)

  10. Love all that you have going on! Toddler years *are* fun as are beer races! And go you with the ins and the 50 pounds lost! Both are fabulous! :)

  11. Andrea, you are beautiful. Inside and out. Thank you for this post. Sometimes you write and I feel like it is right to me ( parts of this of course)! Why can't we just love our new bodies post baby? What an incredible thing we are able to do! Also, finding my identity is so hard right now. Who am I? I used to be a career woman and a weight lifter, gym lover. Now I'm a mom. Period. Well, that's how I feel sometimes. I am working on finding my identity in Christ, and not the 'things' that can label us. It is making me happy to be a mom and wife. This job is hard. HARD. But I wouldn't change it for the world. xoxo friend.

    ps, keep up the good...great work in getting your bod back, you look amazing!

  12. Love this post! And your guest blogger post on marriage and baby. SO TRUE. And that sweet face in the swing... love it!

  13. 50lbs?! That's like 20kgs! Go you!! I am so depressed at my inability to lose 10kgs post baby.......And haha, I love that term 'aching uterus!!' I get it though...hello.....HOW many children do I have now??? ;)
    Toddlers are are fun...teenagers are sometimes fun. Babies are the best, but I always find myself waiting for the next stage too. Good luck with the house. Hope it goes your way. :)


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